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Begin the Beguine

Posted by: Ramin on October 12, 2007

Begin the BeguineI’ve been writing a blog on and off since 2003. The last one was hosted on my personal work site and was mostly about technology (with a few sprinklings about home life). I stopped actively writing it a few months ago and eventually decided to retire the work site so I could focus on a new project I’ve been building for the past year.

Everything personal is now on this domain. My intention is to expand the scope of the blog, to talk about anything and everything. On the technology front, I’m starting off with some pretty decent off-the-shelf blogging software, but will eventually transition to the code I’ve been developing (so don’t get too attached to the look-and-feel 😉 ).

Regular postings should begin next week (how do you like that for a passive voice, eh? Mistakes were made.)

Until then…