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Virtually sponge-worthy

Posted by: Ramin on March 8, 2009

Fans of TV’s Seinfeld in the 1990’s will remember an episode where Elaine ponders whether someone is sponge-worthy:

JERRY: I thought you said it was imminent.

ELAINE: Yeah, it was, but then I just couldn’t decide if he was really sponge-worthy.

JERRY: Sponge-worthy?

ELAINE: Yeah, Jerry, I have to conserve these sponges.

JERRY: But you like this guy, isn’t that what the sponges are for?

ELAINE: Yes, yes – before they went off the market. I mean, now I’ve got to re-evaluate my whole screening process. I can’t afford to waste any of ’em.

In this case, Elaine is in possession of a finite amount of discontinued Today contraceptive sponges and she wants to save her stash for someone really worth it.

There is a large number of blogs, twitterers, and web-sites out there vying for our attention and we have limited time in a given day to spend with them. So a few end up moving up to the top — the people, places, and things with which we have a steady, recurring relationship — in essence making them sponge-worthy.

If you’re a writer, publisher, or content-producer forget unique visitors, friends, or followers. Sponge-worthiness is the status to which you should aspire.