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– My first name has only two syllables and is pronounced ra-meen — not ray-min or ra-men. Simple. No need to make it complicated.

– I’ve built back-ends, web-sites, mobile apps, desktop apps, and everything in between. HaveĀ been doing a lot of work lately onĀ ‘connected devices’ — hardware that talks to mobile apps. Going as far as developing firmware and doing some fine-pitch soldering. But I’m not a hardware guy. That’s a whole other rabbit-hole.

– In my own time I work on fundamental technologies: browsers, app development tools, and platforms.

– Wearables, IoT, Beacons, remote sensors, and wireless (Bluetooth, BTLE, WiFi, and XBee). Yep.

– Pull up a chair and grab a drink. Or get in touch at first-name + last-initial AT or @raminf.