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Siri and third-party apps: Part II

Posted by: Ramin on July 8, 2012

[ In a previous post we looked at some of the capabilities of┬áSiri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant. Now let’s venture a little deeper into how integration with third-party services might work. I have to point something out that should be obvious: I have no inside knowledge of Apple’s product plans. This note is purely based […]

Siri and third-party apps – Part I

Posted by: Ramin on May 4, 2012

Apple’s Siri personal assistant was one of the main advertised features of the iPhone 4S. It is a marriage of speaker-indepent voice-recognition technology and domain-aware AI. What sets it apart is how it’s integrated with back-end and on-device services and how it maintains context across multiple requests so it feels like you’re having a conversation […]

Simple Solution to iPhone 4 Antenna Problem

Posted by: Ramin on July 2, 2010

Before: After: I’m not an antenna engineer but it seems like the simplest solution would be to move the ‘gap’ between the two antennae where it’s unlikely to be covered through casual touch. This would work for both left and right-handed users. From a hand-placement point-of-view the ideal spot would be in the middle of […]

A Visitor’s Guide to WWDC and San Francisco

Posted by: Ramin on June 4, 2010

It’s time, once again, for the annual love-fest that is WWDC and that starts next week. I’ve been to each one since the iPhone launch (I know, that makes me a relative newbie) but having spent a good chunk of the past two decades living in San Francisco, I figured I’d combine tech-tips for first-time […]

Eval iPhone apps: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Posted by: Ramin on October 16, 2009

[ This ended up being a fairly long and somewhat technical post. I edited it down as best I could, but I think it’s an important topic in the iPhone world and something that has to be laid out in its entirety. I suspect it won’t be of much interest unless you’re an iPhone app […]

Problems with Push

Posted by: Ramin on September 30, 2009

I agree with most everything Karl Adam says about the limitations of the Apple Push Notification Service, especially the problem with its failure to stack notifications so they’re not missed. I posted a bug report a while back (rdar://7054632) offering a simple solution to get around this particular problem: save each incoming push payload into […]

Semi-Modal (Transparent) Dialogs on the iPhone

Posted by: Ramin on September 29, 2009

Popping up a modal dialog on the iPhone is a fairly straightforward process: modalDialogViewController *modalController = [[modalDialogViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"modalDialogView" bundle:nil]; [self presentModalViewController:modalController animated:YES]; [modalController release]; Dismissing it then is a simple matter of the modalController invoking: [self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; But what if you want to show only half a page’s worth or maybe you need the […]

WWDC 2009 Predictions

Posted by: Ramin on March 26, 2009

Word came today that Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference is going to be running from June 8-12 2009 in San Francisco. Since Apple’s no longer going to be participating in MacWorld this is one of the few public conferences where Apple and its partners can make public product announcements. So now’s a good time to start […]

Eval applications on the iPhone AppStore

Posted by: Ramin on March 19, 2009

One of the loudest complaints about the iPhone AppStore has been the lack of support for eval or demo applications. In the desktop world users can often download an application and use it for a period of time before deciding whether it’s worth paying for. But in the iPhone AppStore universe (where all transactions occur) […]

Thoughts on Professional iPhone Development

Posted by: Ramin on November 22, 2008

Idea vs. Execution Raven Zachary in a post on the O’Reilly Inside iPhone Blog raises the old idea vs. execution argument. *Sigh*. This is the same debate I’ve been hearing (and having) for the past twenty years and it keeps popping back up again. Folks, it’s not zero-sum / either-or. It’s both. One hand holding […]